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It has been an absolute rollercoaster of a week.


My car was acting up, and running really, really rough.  Like, on three cylinders rough.   Bad news.


We got a call from the realtor, indicating that the surveyor had been sick, and had to postpone the final survey.  Bad news.


Work decided to send me to Alberta for training, so I got a (paid-for) rental car and spent last week with Hubby and the critters  Good News.


The realtor called again and indicated that possession will have to be pushed back, again, possibly now into March.  Really, really bad news – we gave notice in Alberta, and have no choice but to move out prior to the end of February.


I finally looked under the hood of the car, and realized that the problem was a plug wire that has been rubbing on the battery, exposing the actual wire.  It had been running rough because of moisture getting in, probably.  I fixed it with some lock de-icer (to drive out the moisture) and fifty cents’ worth of electrical tape.  Good News.


I wrote a letter to the seller of the acreage, begging them to let us rent the place until the possession date, rather than leaving us homeless for a couple of weeks.  They accepted.  YAY!  GOOD NEWS!!


So, the ongoing saga of how not to buy an acreage continues…



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So the ‘hitch’ that we had come across turned out to be quite a bit bigger than just a questionable sewer placement.  The surveyors, who would normally be able to complete the final survey in a matter of days, are now out of town for a month, possibly quite a bit more.  Consultation with mortgage brokers, realtors, and lawyers reached the conclusion that it is impossible to get the mortgage without a title document, and that a title document cannot be created without that final survey.  Which means, in effect, that possession would be pushed back by a month or two.  Ugh.


I spent one night fuming and worrying about it, then one night getting a good night’s sleep.  This morning, it hit me that maybe somebody else could finish the survey.  The lawyer indicated there is only one gig in town, as far as surveyors go.  However, I decided it was worth calling the folks who had dealt with the subdivision on the farm, as they are less than 2 hours’ drive from here.  I was impressed with the expertise and level of service I had received from them, and thought they might be able to shed some light on the matter.


The chief of the company listened to my sob story, thought for a moment, then told me that he could and would complete the process, as long as the seller settled up with the original survey company, so that he could get the completed initial survey from them.  Apparently, once Community Planning has approved a subdivision, the approval is, in fact, transferrable.  Bingo.  Thinking outside the box pays off again!


I conveyed this information to my realtor, who passed it along to the seller’s realtor, who went to the original survey company to settle up and get the necessary documents.  Less than an hour later, my realtor called me back to notify me that the original surveyors found a crew who would be available to finish the job within one week.


Amazing how fast things can go from “completely impossible” to “right away. ma’am”…

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Great News!

My realtor called me this afternoon to share great news:  the subdivision of the acreage (out of the home quarter) has been approved by community planning.  That means we could get possession as early as the middle of February…which is fantastic.  I was dreading going out to Saskatchewan and not seeing my Hubby for three to six months, which is what we expected to happen – the expected possession date was more like May or June.  Now, it’s just three weeks.  And, we’ll be in the place and settled early enough to start seeds, plant trees, and put in a big garden.


Now I’m off to pack…

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