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Yesterday was the first day that really felt like spring.  There have been several warm-ish days recently, but most of them were really gloomy and overcast, or even raining.  Yesterday, there was sun, and it was lovely.  We all spent the afternoon puttering outside, in our shirtsleeves, finally!

Splashing in Shirtsleeves!

M enjoying the warm weather and puddles.


Spring is the dingiest time here on the acreage, though.  Between the mud on the kids and the mud on the dogs, the house is never clean.  Melting snow reveals all sorts of garbage that has somehow collected over the winter, as well as all the fallen and broken branches taken down by wind and snow.  Things need picking up and organizing.


The sandbox, and a lot of leaves that need cleaning up!


I dug out my pruning shears and cut back several shrubs, while the kids picked up garbage, and Trevor (Hubby) cleaned up old leaves that had collected in the strawberry beds and strung fence around the grapes to keep the dogs from digging them up.   Cherry the mastiff passed away last spring, and we got another rescue mastiff about a month later; Brutus is a great pet, but it turns out he likes to dig, especially around the foundation of the house, which is a bit of a pain, and we need to figure out ways to discourage that.


Our ‘new’ mastiff

Dog holes

Brutus’ digging is a bit of a problem.

On the bright side, my chives are up already!  In the south bed, they are up several inches, and very green; in the east bed, they are shorter and yellow-er, but they are up there, too.  We got these plants from my Mom, when she was dividing her own clumps; all three of them have thrived, which is great, because there’s something special about fresh chives in your scrambled eggs, and with the increased daylight, the hens will be kicking it into high gear soon, and we’ll be eating egg everything shortly.


The chives on the east side of the house – less growth, but more photogenic, out of the afternoon sun!

It’s kind of exciting to be thinking about planting things again.  I spent my evening planting my seed starts – we’ll plant them out in the garden in the last week of May and first week of June.  I am trying something new this year – I desperately want to grow melons, but in zone 2, it has proven difficult (impossible, so far).  I know some people here are growing cantaloupes in high tunnels, but I haven’t had any luck with any melon so far.  Part of the issue is the short season, and melons don’t appreciate transplanting; it is not generally recommended to start the seeds at all, and especially not more than a couple of weeks before planting out.  However, I don’t think that gives them enough hot days to set and ripen fruit.  This year, I’ve planted half a dozen melons in 2 liter (2 quart) pots, in the hopes that they won’t get root bound in the 6-8 weeks before our last frost date.   We’ll see if it works or not!


Meanwhile, we’ve got tons more pruning to do.

Valiant grape in need of pruning

This Valiant grape (still dormant) is desperately in need of pruning!

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It’s beautiful outside, today.   It was overcast when I woke, but it’s sunny now, and shirt-sleeve warm.   I went for a waddle around the yard and barn, which was nice after a week and a half of rain, sleet, snow, and otherwise miserable weather.


Of course, we did this a month ago, too.


Last frost here is usually the last week of May, or even the first week of June.  It was looking like an early spring, and got everyone’s hopes up, but it may or may not actually be…you just never know with Saskatchewan weather.


I’ve started tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers (they did not do well last year, but I’m an optimist), some broccoli, a few melon seeds (early, I know, and I will start more later, but I just had to), plus some assorted herbs and flowers.  Next weekend is 4 weeks to tentative planting, and I will start a bunch more things.   Hubby has been out digging in the garden, and just managed to plant all the peas before the crappy weather set in; hopefully he will be able to get the rest of the early stuff, like the radishes and spinach, in this week.  We are determined to have a garden this year, baby or no.


I, of course, have had baby on the brain.  Seven more weeks, give or take.  I am done work next Friday, and then have all sorts of plans for things to get done around the house – cleaning carpets, painting a mural in the baby’s room, cooking up a bunch of stuff for the freezer – I probably have more ambition than energy, though, especially with planting the fruit trees, moving the buck goat and alpacas, and helping get the garden in.  We’ll see.  I plan to spend my first couple days being completely lazy, but I might make a prioritized list of what I think should be done…


Anyhow, I just wanted to post up a quick note; I don’t have much to say this week, but I don’t want to just leave everyone hanging, either…


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It seems like everything here is…waiting…


We’re waiting for spring.  The snow is still thigh deep, and it seems we’ll never find enough dirt to plant a garden.


We’re waiting for the trees to leaf out, to see if we really have an apple tree here.


We’re waiting for the ground to thaw, so we can put in fences and think about horses, or cows, or goats.  Maybe a donkey.  Or a llama.


We’re waiting for things to dry out.  The drive to work is so muddy and slow.


We’re waiting for the chickens…all 50 of them…


We’re waiting for my mushroom growing kit, though the company won’t send it till the weather is better.


We’re waiting for possession on this house, all poised with hammers and crowbars to get going on the bathroom reno.


Bleh.  Patience has never been my forte…

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