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I will open by saying I am reviewing this product from a totally neutral position; I was not asked or paid to write a review.  I happened to pick up this cookie mix at my local grocery store, on a day when I happened to be feeling sorry for myself and craving cookies.


cookie mix box


The Gluten Free Pantry chocolate chip cookie mix was definitely simple to make.  It calls for butter (or a substitute; because of Baby M’s dairy allergy, I used vegan margarine, which worked just fine) and two eggs.  Everything else is included in the mix, and the chocolate chips are even dairy free, which is a real bonus for me!


Mixing up the cookie dough according to the directions, I wasn’t sure they would be liquid enough to really make much of a drop cookie.  However, in the end, it was fine.  In fact, the tray of cookies that waited on the stove top for their turn at baking got almost runny, as they got warm.


 GF cookie dough


It was difficult to tell when the cookies were actually done.  The first time I took them out, they were still pretty raw.  In other cookies, I would call them ‘chewy’ and eat them anyhow; unfortunately, the texture of these cookies demand being cooked to the crisp stage.


Once they were actually properly cooked, the cookies were very good.  They have a flaky texture that regular cookies don’t, but the flavor is excellent.


For the convenience and the price (I think it was about seven dollars for the box of mix, which netted me a couple dozen good-sized cookies – pricey for cookies, but mid-range for gluten-free products), I would absolutely recommend the Gluten Free Pantry chocolate chip cookie mix.  In fact, this was my second time making them, and I was still impressed.  It is difficult to find good gluten free products that are also dairy free, so this one is a big win!


mmm cookies!






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