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One of the very few successes in our garden this year was the soup beans.  Hubby weeded them thoroughly early-on, and the plants were well-established by the time we gave up on the garden and abandoned it to the thistles.  We planted seven rows, approximately 40 feet long (each), which, if i recall correctly, took a couple pounds of seed beans, altogether.  We planted three rows of Jacob’s Cattle heirloom beans, and two rows each of Light Red Kidney and Black Turtle.


black turtle beans


The Jacob’s Cattle and Red Kidney beans are listed with a fairly short growing season – 90 days, I think, while the Black Turtle beans indicated they needed 110 days.  It really showed.  When we harvested, the day after the first frost, the Black Turtle pods were still green and pliable; the other types had brittle, dried-up pods. 


I pulled the pods from the plants, and laid them out on a sheet on top of one of the freezers to dry, but apparently they were too bunched up, or had poor air flow, or something, as many of the pods got moldy. 


moldy black turtle bean pods

They should have been nice and pale gold, like the others…


nice black turtle bean pods


Now, I am shelling the beans, and I am finding the Black Turtle beans smaller than I expected, and many of the pods are poorly filled.  While there were lots of pods per plant, they just didn’t have time to fill out properly, so the yield is low.  It’s still worth shelling them out, but I don’t think I will plant them here again; that garden real estate could be better used by something that is appropriate to our growing season and climate.  I just had to try, though!


shelling the black turtle beans

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