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In general, homesteaders tend to drive toward self sufficiency, limiting their need for and use of mainstream / commercial ‘stuff’.  We are not at all hardcore about it, and we buy plenty of things, but we do try to only buy what we actually need, or things that will measurably improve our quality of life, like amazing art.  We also tend toward the non-brand-name and the second-hand.  Even with all of that, many homesteaders would probably look down on us a bit because we don’t always grow all of our own potatoes or make our own butter.  That’s fine…it’s something to strive for.


However, there are limits to how self-sufficient I really want to be.  Our little guy got a nasty infection this week, and we’ve been in and out of doctors’ offices and emergency rooms, and I have to say…I really value modern medicine.  And, for that matter, Canadian health care.  We took him to the doctor Monday afternoon, got in without an appointment, and were sent on to the emergency department at the hospital, where the pediatrician met with us in what I would call record time, for an emergency department.  He saw us again twice more in five days, to follow up and make sure the antibiotics were working.


Have I mentioned that antibiotics, when truly necessary, are nothing short of miraculous?


While it’s fun to play at self-sufficiency and primitive living, to a point, there are things about modern life that are truly incredible, and I, for one, am not interested in avoiding them at all costs or giving them up.  Had it been 1840, my little boy could have died.  In 2014, he had a rough week and some not-so-tasty medicine.  I know where I would rather be.



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Link to The Road to Domestication giveaway.

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