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…As you may guess, it’s been a little…chilly…here in N. Saskatchewan.  Something like minus 38 (Celcius) on Sunday night, and -34 last night.  While I have seen these temps every winter in Alberta, I am woefully under-prepared for them here.  For starters, I forgot to pack my heavy parka.  Which sucks.


I also do not have a place to plug in the block heater on the car.  Technically, if everybody else would quit parking in my spot, I could, but things have not worked out that way.  Monday morning, the starter just squealed, as the belt was so frozen it would not turn the motor over for the first couple of tries.  That was after five minutes of fiddling with the frozen ignition (did not want to turn) with fumbly cold fingers.  You just can’t do delicate stuff like that with mittens on.  Then, I went to scrape the frost off the windshield, and my (plastic) scraper shattered, as it was just that cold, and I must have bumped it on something.  Unfortunately, the area where I am staying is not the sort of place you leave a car running and unlocked, even an old beater like mine.  Even more unfortunately, I also left my spare key in Alberta.  So, I get to sit in my -38 car with the defrost fan on full blast, making it -56 with the windchill inside, or go shiver on the sidewalk instead.


On the bright side, it is supposed to be melting (or close to it) by Thursday, and I have a hot date with the home inspector set for Saturday.  After the little spat with the surveyors last week they have scheduled us for Friday morning, which means the February 11th possession date is probably out, but February 18th is still possible.


Wish us luck!


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